dream built homes

Natural beauty meets urban living at Dream Built Homes

dream built homes

Natural beauty meets urban living at Dream Built Homes

Welcome to the Dream Built Homes in Calgary.

We build beautiful, master-planned homes that perfectly blend and balance natural allure and urban living. The communities are built alongside environmental reserves and offer a multitude of recreation facilities within walking distance, including parks and playgrounds. Choose from affordable home designs, including Village Homes, Urban Townhomes and Single Family Homes for larger families.

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Your destination - for work, play and life


The expansive 115-acre environmental reserve is at the heart of the community.


Three new schools have been sanctioned for construction close to the community.


Close to all shopping amenities for an ideal urban living.


Neear the Greenway, a 138 km path eencircling Calgary.


All locations offer wonderful natural surroundings. Elements such as parks, trails and other amenities were introduced in anticipation of how you and other community members will enjoy the space and thrive within it. The environmental reserve with a walking path all around the perimeter is linked to the Greenway, a 138 km path.


Playgrounds, tot lots and pavilions, where families can spend quality time together, have been carefully woven all throughout the community. Spend the afternoon at Music Park with a play structure created to make different sounds and music, overlooking the nature pathway. Make your way closer to the large environmental reserve and find play structures within the green spaces.

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